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January 09, 2014


What is Halu Halo?

  • Halu Halo is Tagalog for a "mix" or "to mix."

    This is the long-running personal blog of a wife, mom of four, and a Young Adult/New Adult writer aspiring for publication. This blog is a halu halo of what inspires my everyday.

    I love reading comments, so please leave one!

    I will always try to reply to your comment, but please feel free to email me using the email link below.

    Copyright 2006-2014 by Tif Johnson. All photos and content are my own, and cannot be re-published or "borrowed" or taken. All rights reserved.

*** K.I.T ***

  • Something like Normal
    The Good Girl
    The Butcher
    More Than Music
    One, Two, Three
    All Lined Up
    Crash into You
    Just One Year
    Against the Cage
    The Fault in Our Stars
    Reforming the Cowboy: A South Beach Book
    Just One Day
    The 5th Wave

    Tif's favorite books ยป
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